PulCalc® Subscription Pricing

The FRP Library Subscription gives you access to the Fiber Design FRP Drawings Library. This will not Auto Renew, you will need to renew every year (we will send a reminder).  The FRP Library Subscription also is included with a PulCalc Subscription.

With a FRP Library Subscription clients can download CAD files in PDF and DWG format.  The drawings show typical Pultruded FRP Connections.  Some of the file folders include:

– FRP-FRP Member Connections (Angles, HSS Shapes and W/I Shapes)

– FRP Diagonal Connections – both vertical and horizontal are shown

– FRP Members and Hardware – 2D and ISO type views

– FRP Column Base Connections – HSS, angles, W/I shapes floor/roof connections

– FRP Sleeper Connections – for roof structures

– FRP Gussets – a good way to improve member connections

– FRP WX Flashing Details – roof connections

– FRP Railings – floor and side mount configurations for square profile guard rails

– FRP Platforms – some typical connections which also includes ladders, stairs and railing connections

– More coming.  This Library will be continuously updated.  Input is welcome for future connections drawings.  FRP Library Login

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