With the new 5G C band antennas coming out, the time has come to address a new FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymer) panel for antenna concealment.   The new panel is composed of S glass reinforcements as composed to the traditional E glass reinforcing fabrics.   The spec is here: 


E glass based FRP panels have been in use for antenna concealment for decades.  FRP laminates offer good RF performance across the cellular bands from 600 MHz to 2500 MHz. They also are very strong with high flexural and shear modulus figures, making them the choice of most engineers.   Traditional FRP panels are solid laminate plates composed of thermosetting resins and E glass reinforcement fabrics.  With the expansion into the lower portion of the satellite C band (3700 MHz- 4000 MHz), new challenges arise for RF performance.  The proposed new FRP panel spec uses S glass along with a specific resin and fabricating process.  Predicted mechanical and RF plots are included.  


Cellular 5G C Band FRP Panel White Paper

Here is the summary of the white paper: 


As the cellular carriers acquire more radio spectrum in a portion of satellite C band and presumably to higher frequencies, new fiberglass (FRP) panels need to be developed.  In this paper we look at traditional FRP panels and propose some new composite technologies to address both radio frequency (RF) and structural requirements.

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