Pricing is License/Subscription based with support for PulCalc.  PulCalc is also free with with a FiberDesign design contract (i.e. Vendor Contract).    Subscription includes training via telco and/or Skype.  Model support is highly recommended and is critical for FRP.  


1 Seat $195/yr

3 Seats $180/yr

5 Seat or more $175/yr

Contact us for delivery and invoicing.

The PulCalc™ Subscription is for a 1 Year Software License per seat.    Pricing is very reasonable so please feel free to call.  We would like to hear all about your projects and how we can help you design FRP projects.  We can of course do contract design work (including CAD) too, Please visit the other pages on this site.

Model Support

It can be difficult to get FRP structure to run properly.  We can assist with your models and suggest changes if needed.  Help is just a call/email away.  Sometimes it is a simple fix, other fixes can be substantial depending on the structure.