Pricing is License/Subscription based with support for PulCalc®.  PulCalc is a non recurring subscription, however the user can renew as a Maintenance Fee yearly at 50% initial purchase.  Updates are included for one (1) year.  The user can choose whether to include Maintenance Subscriptions after initial purchase.   With the major changes with the new FRP Code, we highly recommend it.  

PulCalc® 3.0 Pricing 

  • 1 Seat  $275
  • 3 Seats  $ $695
  • More than 3 Seats:   contact us at or use contact form below.
  • RISA Model Support Option (send your model and we will help you!) Add $250 (single Seat) or $150 each for multiple seats.  

Maintenance Fee (1 Year)

  • 50% of  and after initial purchase of V3.0

FRP CAD Library Pricing

FRP Library 2024  $595 (Available December 2023)  Includes all PDF and DWG files for typical FRP connections and frames (about 25 sheets).  One time fee, periodically updated and expect several changes over the next few years due to the new FRP Standard.

Maintenance Fee (1 Year): 

  • 50% of Initial Purchase 


We will invoice through PayPal for the license or via other pre-arranged payment that is preferable by the client.  Can include check for known companies.

Questions and Ordering: 

Fill out Contact Form below.  It is helpful to let us know who you are and your application.  Please include Company name: ex:  Joe Smith, ABC Engineering