PulCalc® Structural FRP Design Software 

PulCalc® V3.0 is ready!  Release date November 2023. It includes:

  • LRFD and ASD Worksheets that show member capacities
  • Imperial and Metric Results
  • Programmable Coupon Properties
  • Programmable Section Properties
  • LRFD and ASD Connection Worksheets that include:
  • Bolt capacities (A307, Metric, FRP and Stainless), Bolted connections, FRP Clip angle capacities, Coped connections, Gusset Plate Design, FRP Panel Design
  • Plate Design for both isotropic and orthotropic (Pultruded) plates
  • PulCalc 3.0 is based on the new ASCE 74XX FRP Pultruded Standard.   The design program is composed of worksheets that take inputs from RISA 3D (or similar FEA program) and then provides capacities for FRP members and connections.
  • 60 FRP Pultruded Profiles


PulCalc ® is a proprietary structural FRP Design Program that interfaces with structural modeling software.  Together, the result is a design for pultruded FRP members and connections and therefore a complete design.  The user inputs data from the modeling software data, such as RISA3D or Staad into PulCalc®. Therefore PulCalc® completes or analyzes the FRP design process that standard modeling design software cannot.  PulCalc ® computes capacity checks for FRP members in spreadsheet form.  Design sheets are are all common FRP shapes including angles, box sections, “i” sections etc.  Additionally we also have a connections page that looks at various FRP connection capacities.  

PulCalc ® worksheets are now available in both English and Metric.

New ASCE 74XX FRP Standard Update

The new FRP Standard is out for publication and is expected to be released in the near future.    The new FRP Standard is a major change to the construction markets, especially telecom.    FiberDesign is spearheading a telecom FRP working group to tackle some of the hurdles presented by the new standard.   This likely will include ASTM/ISO lab testing for FRP connections.   PulCalc and the FRP Library will get updated as lab tests gets completed.    Expect this to happen of a few years if not continuously over time.

Key Changes from the 2010 FRP Pre-Standard:

  • FRP Clip angles not allowed unless pre-qualified via ASTM/ISO Testing per Section 2.3.2
  • Only metallic bolts are allowed unless pre-qualified via ASTM/ISO Testing per Section 2.3.2
  • There is no known testing that has been done for a FRP connection that uses FRP bolts.  
  • Traditional telecom connections such as gusset plates  and FRP Clip angles (using FRP bolts) are now outside the new FRP standard.
  • The new Telecom FRP Working Group is looking at funding avenues for lab testing to address the above.

See below download that illustrates some of the effects to the telecom world by the new standard.  

Telecom HSS Frame PDF

FRP Library 

The FRP Library is normally a work in progress, especially with the coming ASCE 74XX Pultruded FRP Standard.    The Library includes PDF and DWG files showing typical connections.  The new code will especially affect the telecom world and the library will include details and recommended framing connections for the telecom world.    The FRP Library will be offered in our PulCalc Pricing web pages and will be discounted to PulCalc licensed users.

Telecom Frame Drawing

RISA Model Support

FiberDesign offers model support for your working FRP models.  Having trouble?  We can help! Send us your model.   Getting FRP models to run can be difficult at times.  See PulCalc Pricing Page for this option.

FEA/modeling Software Companies Who Cooperate with FiberDesign on PulCalc ®:

RISA is working with FiberDesign to enhance and speed up importing structural member data into PulCalc ®.  Stay tuned for a future update.  We also have submitted a White Paper that will be shown on their site.  Thank you to the RISA crew!

PulCalc® Webinar or Google Meet Call

We would be pleased to go through the program (and/or FRP Library) on Google Meet.  Send us an email:  info@fibrdesign.com  We can set up the call.  

PulCalc ® Client Comments

Chris L. – This is a good price for the level of support you offer and especially reviews of models.

For PulCalc and Library pricing go HERE.

Why Use PulCalc ® FRP Design Program?

If you design using a structural modeling program like RISA, they output a code check for each member.  However, you cannot use the steel code check as it will not work for FRP.  Therefore PulCalc ® takes some of the modeling data and outputs a FRP code check for axial and bending stresses.