Composite Design and Software for FRP Structures and Laminates

We are FRP Specialists and are a design house that specializes in FRP/composite design.  We can work with AE firms, contractors, manufacturers, distributors etc.  Working with a composite design is a very esoteric skill. We have been working with and designing with FRP and composites since 1998.  FiberDesign offers designs for both FRP Structures and Laminate projects.  Please feel free to visit the site pages for details.  Finally, any questions, please drop us a note or call.

The video below is a bit dated, but the newest version is similar with more features and ease of operation.

New FRP Library

The FRP Library Subscription gives clients access to the FiberDesign FRP Drawings Library. This will not Auto Renew, you will need to renew every year (we will send a reminder).  The FRP Library is included with a PulCalc Subscription.

With a FRP Library Subscription clients can download CAD files in PDF and/or DWG format.  The drawings show typical Pultruded FRP Connections.  File folders include:

– FRP-FRP Member Connections (Angles, HSS Shapes and W/I Shapes)

– FRP Diagonal Brace Connections

– FRP Member Profiles and Hardware

– FRP Column Base Connections (typical steel brackets for HSS and W/I members)

– FRP Gusset Connections

– FRP WX Flashing Details (for roofs)

– FRP Railings- (side mount and floor mount details)

– FRP Platform – (typical platform with FRP ladder and FRP guard rails)

– FRP Kicker Connections (used for walls)

– More coming.  This Library will be continuously updated.  Input is welcome for future connections drawings


PulCalc 2.12 is here!  See the PULCALC PAGE ® for more info.

Updated PulCalc® Instructions

We updated the PulCalc® Instructions for V2.12  Send us a note and we will send over the PDF file.

PulCalc® V3.0 Coming!

PulCalc V3.0 will be released later in 2021 (we believe) after ASCE releases the new FRP Standard.  Stay tuned!

PulCalc® Article on the RISA Website!

FiberDesign and RISA cooperated to provide an article on using PulCalc with RISA-3D on their website.

The article is here:

Thank you to RISA!  

PulCalc® Pricing


FiberDesign Services

FiberDesign offers FRP pultruded, fiberglass laminate and laminate composite designs. We can also take care of FRP shop drawings.   Go to the FRP design and laminate design pages for more information about fiberglass design and composite design.  Above all, do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.  Our telco is 207 904 5885 and email is

(1)  PulCalc ® is a FiberDesign proprietary generic pultruded FRP Design/Analysis Software. More info is here.

Composites FEA Analysis

FEA Analysis of FRP architectural panel

FiberDesign offers FEA analysis for common composite geometric plate shapes.  See Laminate Design page for more.

Partners and Key Clients

We work with and partner with the following companies.  Please feel free to visit their websites!

Infinigy Engineering


Creative Pultrusions                       


Feel free to contact us or call (207) 904 5885

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