FiberDesign offers laminate design for most any FRP or composite laminate.  Designs such as composite parts, panels and laminate structures are all available.  Furthermore, we work with most common fabrics and resins and are familiar with most processes used such as hand layup and infusion.  Indeed FiberDesign can design the laminate as well as the mold in a 2D or 3D presentation.   What’s more, shop drawings are available for fabrication and mold shops.   FiberDesign can additionally supply calculations, depending on the type of laminate.  Finally, FiberDesign can work with any laminate design from small to complex.  Most Important, please contact our office so we can help with your  design needs.

Laminate design for mold
Faux Palm Tree Branch Mold

Design Applications

  • Industrial
  • Architectural
  • Marine
  • Aviation
  • Telecommunications

Laminate Materials

  • Fiberglass laminates
  • Carbon Fiber and hybrid carbon/glass laminates
  • Aramids

Laminate Processes

  • Hand Layup
  • Compression molds
  • Infusion based

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