FiberDesign offers laminate design for most any FRP or composite laminate.  Designs such as composite parts, panels and laminate structures are all available.  Furthermore, we work with most common fabrics and resins and are familiar with most processes used such as hand layup and infusion.  Indeed FiberDesign can design the laminate as well as the mold in a 2D or 3D presentation.   What’s more, CADD drawings are available for fabrication and mold shops.


  • Glass Reinforcements such as E or S Glass 

  • Carbon Reinforcements

  • Aramid Reinforcements

  • Hybrids


FiberDesign can additionally supply calculations, depending on the type of laminate.  Additionally, S&S is available for most USA states.  FiberDesign can work with any laminate design from small to complex.


Composite laminate design and or analysis is accomplished using a combination of spreadsheets and FEA (Finite Element Analysis).  Failure modes are based on first ply failure typically using Tsai-Wu.  For FRP beams we would typically use RISA.

FEA panel Plot by FiberDesign
FRP 4ftx4ftx1/4″ THK panel showing 40 lb uniform load
FRP Radome FEA Plot by FiberDesign
FEA plot of 36″ x 120″ by 1/4″ thick FRP radome exposed to 40 PSF wind load. Deflections on upper left.
FRP Radome FEA Plot by FiberDesign
FEA failure (Tsai-Wu) plot of 36″ x 120″ by 1/4″ thick FRP radome exposed to 40 PSF wind load. Note the stresses at the top and bottom of the tube where fasteners are normally located.
Laminate design for mold by FiberDesign
Faux Palm Tree Branch Mold (3D Model)

Design Applications

  • Industrial
  • Architectural
  • Marine
  • Aviation
  • Telecommunications

Laminate Materials

  • Fiberglass laminates
  • Carbon Fiber and hybrid carbon/glass laminates
  • Aramids

Laminate Processes

  • Hand Layup
  • Compression molds
  • Infusion based