FiberDesign designs projects that require structural FRP.  FRP structural design may include walls, floors, platforms, roofs or complete structures.  Hence, standard submittables include drawings and calcs.  FRP (fiberglass) has very esoteric properties and characteristics.  Additionally, we interface PulCalc FRP Program with modeling software like RISA 3D and can design any pultruded FRP structure.  PulCalc is included with a vendor design contract or is subscription based.

Fiberglass is very different than steel, which is ductile.  FRP is not and thus cannot be analyzed using the standard steel code checks such as AISC.  The design formulas and safety factors are very different.  The formulas and calcs used in PulCalc are based on the ASCE FRP Pre-Standard (2010).

Structure modeling is accomplished with RISA-3D and PulCalc.  In addition, FiberDesign can design composite or FRP plates using FEA.  See the Laminate Page

FEA Analysis
FEA Plate Analysis
FRP structure model

FRP Structural Design Key Features

  • FRP/Fiberglass Structural Design
  • Pultruded FRP Design
  • Composite Structural Design
  • FRP Frame Design Using modeling software
  • Design Calcs Using our own PulCalcĀ® FRP Analysis Software
  • Sealed Drawings (S&S) for 49 states
  • Peer Reviews (S&S)
  • FEA Plate Design
  • Modeling using RISA-3D
  • CADD Detailing
  • FEA Analysis

FRP Design Applications

  • Industrial
  • Architectural
  • Telecommunications
  • Marine
  • Much more!

We can serve most any market.

Additional Telecom Services

  • Pole Mod Designs (5G) – Flagpole upgrades, pole upgrades using radomes
  • Site Visits – Available in the Northeast USA generally

Have a FRP project in mind?  Here is what we need:

  • Construction/ zoning drawings or Lease Exhibits for site
  • Description of project and desired end result
  • Photos – send all you have
  • As-builts if they apply
  • Site visit information such as site access information
  • Likewise, any pertinent information relating to the project
  • FEA Project (we support RISA 3D)

So finally, do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.  Our telco is 207 904 5885 and email is

Need a laminate design?  Go here

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